Our Elephants

In Mandalao Camp

Deeply rooted in the foundations of Buddhism and local folklore, elephants have attained an almost mythical status across much of their ancestral lands. Laos became known as the “Land of One Million Elephants” or “Lan Xang” from fabled accounts of a procession of them crossing the Mekong River not far from Luang Prabang continuously for three days. By all accounts humans and elephants have worked side-by-side in the region for nearly 2000 years.

Ranging from nearly 1 to almost 60 years of age, MandaLao’s seven elephants have spent the majority of their lives working together in logging camps. With new regulations limiting logging operations across Laos, and concern over elephant welfare, we have been able to bring these amazing creatures home to where we offer them a dignified and comfortable life in harmony with nature.

Our Connection

Have you ever wondered if elephants smile because they are happy?

Or cry when they are sad?

While their manner of expressing emotions may be different from ours, it is undeniable that we share many of the same feelings. We invite you to learn how to recognize a wide range of emotions, just as these elephants have learned to recognize them in us.